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Recently, I had a friend who was unfortunate in two ways. The first thing that happened to my unfortunate friend was that he was involved in a serious car accident. The second unfortunate thing that happened to my friend was that he did not hire a qualified personal injury lawyer to handle his case. In a way I cannot really blame my friend for his actions because he was in a state of shock. Who I really blame is the insurance company’s representative of the other party.

My friend was driving home one night when he was T-boned by a drunk driver. The drunk driver escaped all injuries because of his inebriated condition. My friend however ended up in the hospital with a broken leg, a broken arm, a concussion, a cracked rib, and a variety of cuts and bruises. The insurance representative from the drunk driver’s insurance company was quickly on the scene.

This unscrupulous insurance agent went into my friend’s hospital room and convinced him to sign off on the accident. The insurance company paid for my friends medical costs and gave him a menial amount of money for his pain and suffering. They did not however pay for any future rehabilitation costs and they did not pay enough for his pain-and-suffering. They also did not pay for any lost wages that my friend occurred later on.

This is a very good lesson for everyone. If you are ever in a serious car accident do not sign anything until you talk to a reputable personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer is qualified to get you a fair compensation for your medical costs both current and future. They will also make sure that you receive adequate money for loss of wages, pain and suffering, and any repair bills that your vehicle requires.

It is a sad comment on our society to know that an unscrupulous insurance representative can barge their way into a hospital room and take advantage of an injured person. This type of activity should be outlawed and the settlement that my friend signed should have been null and void. Therefore, always have contact information for an injury law firm. In fact, it would be advisable to stay in contact with a Los Angeles personal injury law firm for any future issues that may arise. After all, your quality of life could depend on being represented by a reputable law firm.