Finding a Top Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

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There are many expert lawyers in Los Angeles, making your search for the most qualified counsel a bit difficult. How do you find a defense counselor that knows DUI law, forgery law or assault law? Someone who is looking for a defense attorney needs to ask these questions.

The usual question to ask a lawyer you have been referred to is whether e has experienced handling cases just like yours and how much court trial experience the lawyer has. Success rate would be the next issue raised, of course. And these couple of questions will bring you closer to the answer whether you are talking to the right lawyer or not.

Sometimes the lawyers will exaggerate their qualifications and the experience they have, which is a good reason for you to be careful about the choice you make. Buyer beware – it applies here too so you really have to do your research to get the best defense for yourself.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense AttorneyTo find a reliable Los Angeles criminal attorney, you need to know what crime you are arraigned with, ask your friends and colleagues for a referral and do a search online. Look for Los Angeles criminal attorneys, or better yet, look for attorneys that have experience with the cases just like yours.

Once you have your list, see whihc lawyer won the most litigations, how many years they are practicing law and what do the reviews say.

Meet with the lawyer you think is the right choice for you and ask about the fees. They will go anywhere from $100 to $750 per hour, even more. It’s best that you know the costs schedules so you are familiar with what you will have to pay down the road.

Be sure to ask as many questions about your cases as possible. You need to be comfortable with the attorney in order to trust he/she will represent you properly. Also, you need to inquire whether the lawyer you are talking to or a junior associate will do the work. Make sure you check the track record of the lawyer that is going towork with you so you know you are getting the best representation possible.

Why Is All The Buzz About Lawsuits Against Xarelto?

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Did you know that more than 590 people in the US died in 2013 because of the massive and uncontrolled bleeding caused by the controversial Xarelto drug? At least this is what FAD (Food and Drug Administration) concluded in its report, which caused a real panic around the world. Lawsuits against Xarelto became almost regular. The real question here is how this could happen and how Xarelto was approved in the first place, despite all those strict safety policies and laws we have. Are lawsuits against Xarelto the only thing we can use to protect us?

Before we continue, let’s talk about the drug for a moment. In general, Xarelto is a typical anticoagulant, which means its main purpose is to dilute the blood and prevent many potential health complications including vein thrombosis, aneurysm, hearth attack, and stroke.

At the same time, Xarelto cannot be described as a typical anticoagulant because it is the only drug from this group that doesn’t have an antidote! Now you know why this medicament is potentially very dangerous.


Although it can prevent many health complications, it is almost deadly. All side effects (or effects to be more precise) of similar medicaments on the market can be neutralized with other medicaments and substances. For example, it is known that Warfarin can be neutralized with the ordinary vitamin K. The same is with all others coagulants. With all others, except Xarelto. This means that if you have severe internal bleeding caused by this drug, there is a high possibility that you will die. As we said, there is no antidote for it.

Of course, FDA warned the producer of this drug (Johnson and Johnson) a number of times, but this had no effects at all. The producer continued to promote this drug, claiming it has no side effects! This is why people sue company so often in order to get the justice and satisfaction. It is known that the first lawsuit against Xarelto was filed in 2014. This was just a beginning and the moment when the avalanche started.

There are many reasons of why people file lawsuits against Xarelto and why they should do it.

First of all, the producer didn’t inform people about all potential risks and he ignored FDA’s warnings. The producer still promotes it as 100% safe drug.

There is a number of similar cases across the world, which means that people are not alone in this and that they can win the case.

The Purpose of an Estate, Probate, & Elder Law Attorney

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There is a famous saying that we are all aware of and that is two things are guaranteed in life, death and taxes. This is where an estate lawyer comes in. An estate lawyer wears many masks. They play a role that suits individuals and families through various stages in their life. When the subject of death and taxes come up, an estate lawyer specialized in probate becomes very useful. To start, what is the difference between an estate, probate, and elder law attorney?

Estate Lawyers typically deal with estate planning. They can prepare a will and trust for you. Trusts come in all shapes and sizes. With the trust, you have a financial vehicle that owns property and distributes this property to the beneficiary as stipulated in the trust agreement. These assets are managed by a trustee. A will is a document that sets forth how a deceased individual’s assets should be distributed. There are also times where a person may end up in an incapacitated state or a severely injured state. In most cases, their bills would still need to be paid for. Some tools that an estate lawyer can utilize to help this individual would be a power of attorney, a living will, a guardianship appointment, and a health care proxy. It is always advisable, especially when you have dependents, to seek out the assistance of an estate lawyer so they can better prepare you on what documents you should file to help you and your family in the event an unfortunate circumstance were to take place that would leave you ill or severely injured.

Elder Law Attorney

A Probate Attorney comes into play when a will is prepared and the decedent passes away. A probate attorney can work as the executor. An executor is an individual who manages the estate until the distribution of assets take place. A probate attorney can also be called upon to contest the will and prove that it is invalid. The probate process takes place in Surrogate’s Court and lasts several months.

Finally, you have an Elder Law Attorney. An Elder Law attorney assists with the estate planning needs of the elderly. Some of their day to day tasks deal with Medicaid planning, nursing home abuse cases, implementing the many tools we mentioned already that are utilized in estate planning, funeral planning, long-term care planning, social security, and retirement. This can be a complicated area of law but if you live in New York, it is advisable to contact an Elder Law Attorney in NY to assist you especially if you are a senior citizen entering retirement age or require estate planning assistance.

As you can see, estate attorneys wear many hats and help many individuals throughout the various stages of their life. Whether you are in your early twenties or early eighties, there is always something in the estate planning realm that would be beneficial to you and your family. It is better to prepare for the unpredictability of life rather then dealing with it without any form of legal protection.

Which Tactics Are Used For Injury Claim Devaluation

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In case you receive a personal injury and want to claim damages, you will most likely have to deal with an insurance adjuster which will use a lot of tactics to devalue your claim. Many fair and unfair tactics can destroy your insurance claim if yo don’t have an experienced personal injury attorney to protect you from these tactics.

Lets see what are some of the tactics used so you can remain calm and fight for your legal rights if you ever meet with some of these fair and unfair moves.


Determining A Real Case Value

It is known that adjusters will try to intimidate the claimant with attorneys who will give negative opinions in relation to case value. What you need to keep in mind is that these attorneys are not objective, the insurance company is paying them to say what they want them to say. It’s your attorney who should review the claim and tell you his opinion on the value of your claim.

High Travel Expenses

The adjusters can sometimes try to persuade the claimant that the travel expenses for pursuing the claim will be very high so they shouldn’t think about going to the jurisdiction of the accident. Sometimes the claimant will take a lower settlement just to avoid high travel expenses, time loss and everything else that is related to travelling to another jurisdiction in order to pursue a claim. But these claimants don’t know that their presence isn’t required at all times. Talk to your attorney first and see whether you will have to travel of not.

Exposing Private Life Details

Some adjusters will even gather all the information they can concerning your private life. Some claimants do not want their private life to be exposed so they are ready to take a lower settlement. Sometimes it’s a misdemeanor that will scare the claimant and sometimes it’s an issue that may show your character in another light. The adjusters know they won’t be able to win with using these informations, but they want to scare the claimant, that’s the only goal these information will be used for. This is why it is important that your attorney explains to you what information is relevant and what is proper.

expert reports

Hiring Various Experts

Attorneys who write letters just to hinder the settlement is one of the tactics many adjusters use. Various other experts will be hired by the insurance company in order to devalue your claim. It’s your attorney’s job to deal with these “fixed” opinions and neutralize them.

There is not guarantee that you will settle your at all and it is impossible to tell the value of the settlement. You will need a good solicitor to respond to any unfair tactic an adjuster is using. Visit this site and get in touch with a reliable solicitor to consult about the details.

What Does The Social Security Administration Look For When Evaluating Your Disability

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To receive an initial disability determination, there are a series of consideration steps/questions involved in the process. When an examiner receives your case from the Disability Determination Services (DDS), they will use the information provided in the application to determine if an applicant meets predetermined criteria for receiving benefits.

The considerations steps/questions are as follows:

  1. Is the applicant working at Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)? Even if you work a small amount, it does not keep you from claiming disability. However, you will be denied benefits if the examiner determines you are able to support yourself through working. To move on from this step, the examiner must determine that your impairment keeps you from earning enough money through your vocation to financially support yourself.

  1. Is the condition listed in your claim so severe that even doing basic work is not possible?

  1. How does your specific condition(s) compare with the list of impairments? Does your condition meet the ‘meet or medically equal’ definition? To move forward past this step and still be considered you must be able to show that your condition(s) meet the required threshold. If you fail to meet this threshold and this definition your claim will be denied.

  1. What is the applicant’s past line of work? Can the applicant return to their last line of work with their condition(s)? In this step the applicant must show that they are unable to return to their past line of work due to their conditions.

  1. The last step and threshold that will have to be met by an applicant at this stage is for the SSA and experts to determine whether the applicant is able to do another type of work. This process is a slight modification from the previous step and seeks to determine whether there is a type of vocation the applicant can perform given the condition(s).

In case you’re unsure how to answer the questions above it is advisable to consult with Social Security Lawyers. In some cases, more medical information is needed and you may be asked to do a Consultative Exam (CE). This option allows for new or missing information to be obtained through a SSA contracted physician to assist the examiner ultimately in making a determination on the application.

A CE exam is paid for by the SSA and can be critical to a final determination. When enough medical information is obtained your application will be approved or denied. After the last step the application is returned to the SSA to proceed with the action required. For applicants who are approved, the SSA will then calculate the appropriate benefits to be paid out and will begin paying that amount. Applicants who are rejected will have the opportunity for appeal.

Jorgensen Law in San Diego, CA specializes in Social Security disability benefits and can evaluate your claim, help with your initial application and help you with your appeal. Visit their website for more information:

Basic ESQ – The Best Practice Management Software For Lawyers

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As a lawyer, you already know how scheduling and managing all required information about the cases and clients can be tough and stressful job. For most individual lawyers, exactly this organizational part is something they all want to avoid and leave it to someone else. This is the reason why any help on this issue is more than welcome.

Fortunately, there are few really great online software that can make your life easier. One more thing. Besides all those managing things related to calendars, schedule and contacts, these practice management applications can be an ideal solution for sharing different types of info with all associates within your company.

As we just said, you can choose between many options here. However, not all these solutions are equally good and reliable. Some of them cover only a small portion of tasks, while others provide a number of great and useful features. If you don’t know from where to start, we can give you a hint. The software we recommend to all individual solo lawyers is Basic ESQ – cloud based application that can “deliver an intuitive law practice management experience”, as its designers say. We can confirm that their claims are not some kind of advertising stories that we can hear almost every day.


So, the real question here is why we should use an application like this?

Actually, there are many reasons for such decision. First of all, we are all aware of the fact that fresh lawyers are not trained to run their business in full capacity. In most cases, they are trained for the theoretic part of the job. Practice is something that they will have to master in the real life. And exactly for these situations mentioned software are needed the most.

If you still think it is not a big deal, listen to this. The biggest numbers of lawyers in the USA confirmed that their main trouble is related to scheduling and meeting deadlines. In other words, the biggest problem here is a bad organization.

If you decide to use Basic ESQ – a cloud based practice management software for lawyers, you will not have these problems and you will be able to focus all your attention on the cases and clients.

It has some really great features, including adjustable message board for communication with your partners and clients, calendar, cash flow, case history and many more. The price is also something that makes difference- it costs only $10/month for unlimited version.

Advantages Of A Good Trademark Attorney

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Trademarks can be a big asset and should be treatet as such. Those who don’t take trademarks into consideration are the ones who are never going to like how things turn out in the end. And since you never want to be in a position where things are not going in your favor, it’s best that you contact a good trademark attorney.

Let’s take a glance at some of the key advantages of going with an attorney that specializes with trademarks and the value they are going to bring into your life moving forward.

Protect Trademark

The main purpose of hiring an attorney of this nature is to protect your asset and that is going to be your trademark. If you ignore this, you are not going to like the results at all. You should never want to be penalized for something like this. Look around at the best options on offer.

Make sure you are going with professionals who are going to be putting in the hard work when it comes to protecting your trademark as much as you want it. Those who are patient will always enjoy the value they are getting.

Understand Local Laws

You are not only going to want to protect the trademark, but you will have to understand the legalities around the issue as well. This is where a lot of clients make mistakes and are not able to do a good job about protecting their asset.

Trademarks should be protected by attorneys who have ab etter understanding of local laws and what the right approach is to take. This is key when it comes to ensuring you are on the right path and there aren’t other people who take advantage of you.

These are the advantages that are going to come along with the right attorney. Those who ignore this and just hope to luck out are the ones who are going to lose out in the end. You are just not going to like the results that come along with being aloof in this regard.

You should always be focused in on the options that are in front of you. Sometimes, this is not possible and sometimes the circumstances are simply too complicated. This is where you should start looking for the right trademark attorney. Please visit to find out more information.

Why Should You Hire Experienced Lawyers Only!

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Recently, I had a friend who was unfortunate in two ways. The first thing that happened to my unfortunate friend was that he was involved in a serious car accident. The second unfortunate thing that happened to my friend was that he did not hire a qualified personal injury lawyer to handle his case. In a way I cannot really blame my friend for his actions because he was in a state of shock. Who I really blame is the insurance company’s representative of the other party.

My friend was driving home one night when he was T-boned by a drunk driver. The drunk driver escaped all injuries because of his inebriated condition. My friend however ended up in the hospital with a broken leg, a broken arm, a concussion, a cracked rib, and a variety of cuts and bruises. The insurance representative from the drunk driver’s insurance company was quickly on the scene.

Hire Experienced Lawyers Only
This unscrupulous insurance agent went into my friend’s hospital room and convinced him to sign off on the accident. The insurance company paid for my friends medical costs and gave him a menial amount of money for his pain and suffering. They did not however pay for any future rehabilitation costs and they did not pay enough for his pain-and-suffering. They also did not pay for any lost wages that my friend occurred later on.

This is a very good lesson for everyone. If you are ever in a serious car accident do not sign anything until you talk to a reputable personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer is qualified to get you a fair compensation for your medical costs both current and future. They will also make sure that you receive adequate money for loss of wages, pain and suffering, and any repair bills that your vehicle requires.

It is a sad comment on our society to know that an unscrupulous insurance representative can barge their way into a hospital room and take advantage of an injured person. This type of activity should be outlawed and the settlement that my friend signed should have been null and void. Therefore, always have contact information for an injury law firm. In fact, it would be advisable to stay in contact with a Los Angeles personal injury law firm for any future issues that may arise. After all, your quality of life could depend on being represented by a reputable law firm.

Why You Should Hire Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Hiring the best criminal defense lawyer is definitely something you should do first if you are facing with prison time or some other serious criminal penalty. This decision is in your best interest, unless you have financial problems and must deal with court- appointed lawyer. In this situation, you really cannot do much.

There is one thing you should know before you make any move. We live in a world with extremely complex legal system, which means that people hardly can represent themselves and convince jury that they are not guilty. This is more like movie scenario, not something that will happen in reality.

Gavel, Alcoholic Drink & Car Keys on a Gradated Background - Drinking and Driving Concept.

One more thing. It would be the best if you can hire a lawyer who knows local laws and legal procedures and who have experience in work with local community. For example, if you have trial in Lakeport (CA), then you should seek for the Lake County Lawyer. By doing this, you will increase your chances for lighter penalty or even acquittal. These guys are capable to find holes in a charge and present some new evidences that would be invisible for amateurs. We think we were clear about why hiring experience local attorney is the most important thing when you are facing with criminal penalty.

If we are talking about Lake County lawyer, then also should know that their job is not only to represent you in a court, but also to cross- examine all witnesses and lead the whole process. In some situations, trial can be avoided by negotiations, which are known as plea bargains. This legal institute is a very tricky and time-consuming process and requires a lot of knowledge and experience. The thing we want to say is that you cannot do it by yourself. In most cases, plea bargains are not something what prosecutors will usually offer to people who want to defend themselves.

Proposing adequate sentencing program is also what lawyers do. This can be crucial for getting you out of jail earlier than it is said in the verdict. If nothing else, this should be a strong reason why you should consider hiring local lawyer instead of accepting offers from court- appointed one. Of course, it is all up to you and your financial situation.

We will say it once again. Don’t you think that you can do it by yourself. Acting a lawyer and be one is two different things. Reading a bunch of law books is great thing, but it would not be enough when you walk into the courtroom.

What if I’m Charged with a Criminal Offense While Visiting Miami?

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Miami is one of the most popular cities for tourists in the entire United States. Last year, more than 14 million tourists came to enjoy the city. More than 7 million were visiting from abroad. Many millions more were visiting from out-of-state. And that’s just Miami – add Fort Lauderdale or Key West and we’re talking even higher numbers.

That’s no surprise. Maybe you came to enjoy a cruise, and you were one of the more than 8 million people who departed from PortMiami or Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, the two busiest passenger cruise ports in the world. Or you came down for the Winter Music Congress or Miami Salsa Congress. For Carnaval Miami or the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. The Orange Bowl or to catch the last race at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Millions come to Miami every year. But of those millions, hundreds will be arrested and accused of committing some sort of criminal offense.

What if that happens to you?

Getting arrested can be frightening or embarrassing under the best of circumstances. And you’re not in the best circumstances when you need to catch a flight in a few days, to carry on with your life and responsibilities back home. If you’ve been arrested in south Florida, and you’re not a resident of the State of Florida, you need a lawyer.

First, you need to hire an experienced, aggressive Miami lawyer who focuses his practice on criminal defense. Why not hire a lawyer back home? Because the prosecutor back in Florida will be able to prosecute the crime in Miami if the crime was allegedly committed there, regardless of where you call home. The charges won’t go away, and some of the proceedings will require you to be present.

But fewer may require your attendance if you have a local criminal defense lawyer representing you, because an experienceddefense attorney knows to how to ask the court to waive the requirement that you appear for certain hearings.

Miami criminal defense attorney

The good news for you is that you can hire a Miami or Key West criminal defense lawyer who will be able to appear on your behalf at several of the criminal proceedings. That means you won’t have to buy nearly as many plane tickets to go back to court in Miami – and you won’t have to try to explain to your boss why you keep asking for more time off so soon after your vacation.

It can be tough to pick the right criminal defense attorney, but that is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Because you’re going to be working with your criminal defense lawyer from a distance, it’s all the more important to make sure that you trust him and communicate well together. Whether you’ve been charged with a felony in Florida or a misdemeanor, you’re going to spend time working from afar to fight for your name, your job, and your freedom.

Start by asking Five Questions you should ask any Miami criminal defense lawyer.

Among those questions, here are the three most important: does he have the right attitude? You want a defense attorney who is creative and believes that almost any case can be won.

Is he thorough? Your lawyer must leave no stone unturned and have concrete ideas for how to attack the criminal charge against you from several angles.

Is he experienced? He should have extensive experience defending people accused of crimes just like the charge against you – and, the more experience he has, the more likely it is that he knows the judge or prosecutor assigned to your case, which will give him additional insight to help build the strongest defense for you.

No matter what, whether or not you choose me to help you—and I’ve successfully defended thousands of clients in my practice, which I started back when Ronald Reagan was president—I strongly urge you not to go it alone. It’s almost always a bad idea to try to represent yourself in a criminal matter. But it’s always a horrible plan if you’re from out-of-state but accused of a crime in south Florida. Get the best help you can if you’re a non-resident who wants the best chance to successfully defeat that criminal charge.

Increase your knowledge! If you want to know more about how to resolve the problems you face when charged with a DUI, criminal offense, or traffic ticket in Florida, then you can follow Albert M. Quirantes – Ticket Law Center, A Criminal & DUI Defense Law Firm on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.