What An Experienced Accident Lawyer Can Do For You?

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When you or your family member become a victim of  an accident, you will want a good lawyer to stand by your side. But, it’s not so easy to find a reliable and knowledgeable lawyer these days.  And we have to admit that your financial situation can drastically influence your decision when it comes to choosing a legal representative. But you won’t have to spend a fortune to have the best lawyer for your case. You just need to be aware of the benefits some law firms can provide you with and you will be able to get a good representative and save money.

The truth is, not every law firm will offer you benefits and perks, some won’t offer any of them. This is why it is so important to do some research and find the perfect lawyer. And once you’ve been in an accident, you can hardly deal with all consequences of the accident by yourself.  The amount of stress you have certainly impairs your decisions so it is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

attorneyFree Information Is Key

The first thing you need to make sure of is to get a free advice. Not all firms will give you this, so you will automatically be avoiding those. And considering that information is what builds a strong case, lawyer who can provide you with free information is the best way to get your claim resolved successfully. When you have useful, free information from a good lawyer, you can figure out what your next step should be.

Experience Counts

Another thing you should pay attention to are law firms with experience. No one wants a lawyer who just got out of law school or the one who never dealt with certain type of case. What everyone wants is an experienced lawyer, which is understandable since only then a maximum compensation can be expected. What you can do is to use Internet and find law firms who dealt with the type of cases you are dealing with, see how many of them they won and lost and even check out the client’s feedback. This is a great way to reach a decision when it comes to choosing the best lawyer.

And Finally

The last thing you need to have in mind is to find a local lawyer. For example, if you’ve been involved in an accident in the Paterson, NJ it’s best that you contact a Paterson lawyer. He/she will be familiar with the local laws, will understand the local judiciary system and well be able to build a strong case in a quick manner. Many people make a mistake and call a lawyer that is not specialized in accident cases or is not practicing in the area they had an accident in. Remember to make a smart mmove and contact a local law firm, it’s the best step you can make to get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Things To Remember When Choosing A Lawyer

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Whether you are going through a lawsuit or needing legal counsel related to family or traffic law, finding a suitable lawyer is essential. Here are some things you should think about before you contact someone and before you make any decision:

1. Why do you need a lawyer?
Knowing the purpose of hiring a lawyer is the first step in finding one that could suit your needs. Lawyers vary in fields of expertise, years of experience, number of cases won, etc. Of course, you would want a lawyer who focuses on the specific area that you need help with and one that has enough credibility too.

hire_lawyer-475x2002. How much are you willing to shell out?
This would really matter unless you are a gazillionnaire. Lawyer’s fees vary depending on the amount of services to be rendered, if the lawyer is with a firm or independent practitioner and even the level of skill your lawyer of choice has.

3. How long will you need a lawyer?
This is also related to the fees you need to pay and the accessibility of your lawyer of choice. Select a lawyer who will put enough time and effort to carefully study your legal predicament.

There are many lawyers and law firms in Auckland but not all of them are right for you. Your case may require special attention and it’s your duty to choose someone who specializes in the area of the law your case is related to. Someone who has a lot of experience with car accident cases will not be a good choice for a complicated divorce case. Also, if you are facing a traffic charge, you shouldn’t go to a corporate lawyer. Choose the one that had the experienced in the field your case is related to, that’s the most important thing you can do. And the rest will be up to the lawyer you chose, you won’t have to do anything else from that point.

Taxes And Tax Liens In Bankruptcy

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Part of my practice as a Maryland bankruptcy lawyer often deals with assisting debtor deal with tax debt problems. Tax debt falls in two categories for bankruptcy purposes. The first is priority tax debt and second would be non-priority general unsecured tax debt.

Priority tax debt is non dischargeable and therefore has to be paid one way or another. Priority tax debt refers to taxes due in the past three years or a tax obligation created as a result of failure to file.

To be dischargeable, the tax debt must be from a year which the tax return was filed in a timely fashion and that taxes were due three years prior to the bankruptcy filing. Example would be if you are considering filing in 2014 then you can discharge tax debt from 2010 assuming the tax return for that year was file on or before April 15, 2011 or whatever the official deadline was for 2011.

A chapter 7 will discharge the non-priority tax debt just like it were a credit card or other general unsecured debt.

For your non-dischargeable debt a debtor has the choice between dealing with the debt in bankruptcy outside
Taxes And Tax Liens In Bankruptcy

In some instances, the Internal Revenue Service may have advanced its collection efforts to the pint of filing a federal tax lien. The filing of a lien raises the stakes for the debtor involved. For example, with dischargeable debt the personal obligation is wiped away but the federal tax lien survives the bankruptcy. This means that while the IRS may no longer be able to garnish your wages the lien continues to attach to everything you own including your personal property.

Therefore, if you have real estate for example, the lien would remain on your property. This means that you cannot refinance or transfer the property without resolving the lien. On the other hand, ff you do not have anything of value such as real estate then you may not care that the lien attaches to your clothes or old computer. After all it is likely the IRS will come to auction off your personal property. You can afford to wait for the lien to expire 10 years.

The one concern obviously would be if you intend to make a big purchase anytime before the expiration of those ten years then you may want resolve the lien to access credit.

A chapter 13 can be useful to property owners and those with non-dischargeable tax debt in paying the debt in a more affordable way. Offers in Compromise with the tax authorities may require a significant down payment in addition to a high monthly payment to settle tax debt. Contrast that with a chapter 13 plan based on your disposable income that allows you to pay off the debt in up to 5 years. Given the choice most of my clients would chose the latter because they are living pay check to pay check as it is.

A chapter 13 plan would allow you to pay off the tax lien or non-dischargeable debt based on what you have after taking into account your allowable expenses and debt payments for things like mortgages and car payments. Therefore, instead of the IRS demanding $500.00 per month, you tell the IRS what you can afford to pay based on the means test. You can stop the hefty garnishment from the IRS to give yourself a little more breathing room.

If you are struggling with tax debt or haven’t file for the last couple of years know that bankruptcy can offer you a way forward. A chapter 7 bankruptcy will get rid of tax debt that is older than three years. A chapter 13 can buy the time to pay off tax liens and non-dischargeable debt in a more affordable manner by stretching the payments to five years.

This is a brief overview of complex area of the law. Please consult bankruptcy lawyers md to discuss your specific situation.

How To Choose The Right Civil Attorney

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Law induces a headache to many people, particulary to those who are being prosecuted. You definitely need a lawyer to help you deal with your case, and naturally, win it! But, how to choose an attorney? Do you take into account his or her fees only? Well, yes and no. There is more than one thing you need to consider.

First, you need a lawyer who understands the law and the related procedures. The best thing to do is to choose one that has a lot of experience and knowledge. More hearings in court, the better.

Second, choose a lawyer that isn’t swamped by cases. You want your lawyer to dedicated time to your case, one who can offer priority and attention and can be contacted easily.

attorneysThird, you will want a civil lawyer who is specialised in the type of case you have. For example, if you have a real estate case, you want to hire a real estate lawyer.

Fourth, maybe the most important thing – trust. You should choose a Wheat Ridge CO Lawyer who is reliable and who you trust. There can’t be good communication if you don’t trust the person you hire. You should be able to communicate with your lawyer, it’s what will provide you with proper defense.

Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

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Worker’s compensation is the system developed to pay costs to those individuals that suffer an injury while at work. This compensation provides wage replacement, medical (includes office visits, any surgeries, and prescriptions) and rehabilitative services. Getting injured at work can happen and a Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation attorney is there to help. Sure, you can try to handle worker’s compensation claims on your own; however it can get overwhelming and confusing. A Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation attorney is just a phone call away to help you sort the confusion.

In 1912, Michigan, along with most other states, adopted a Workman’s Compensation Act. Before that act was adopted, any worker who was injured while on the job could sue the employer in a civil lawsuit or tort action. The civil lawsuit provided the same remedy to one injured at work as it did to an individual who was injured under other circumstances; however, under a tort action, it was necessary that the injured party prove that the injury occurred while working because the employer was negligent. The employer had three significant defenses:

  • that the employee was also negligent
  • that the worker knew of any danger involved, and understood the risk
  • that the injury occurred because of the negligence of a fellow employee

Wow this was a tough system! Under this system, it was extremely difficult for a worker to pull through against his or her employer; however if by some chance the employee prevailed, he or she could receive compensation in any amount from the jury. A Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation attorney would have been very helpful! Thankfully, after the Workmen’s Compensation Act of 1912 gave a no fault system in which the worker was no longer required to prove the employer negligent thus eliminating the employers three defenses. The intent of this act was to hold the employer accountable for any injury that an employee has while working, regardless of where the burden of fault lies. A Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation attorney is still significant when it comes to cutting through the proverbial red tape because let’s face it, who wants to stress about how the medical expenses are going to get paid while you are recovering from an injury?

The Workman’s Compensation Act of 1912 gave almost automatic liability to the employer; however it did set a limit on the dollar amount that a worker could recover. Today, workers are entitled to:

  • certain wage loss reimbursement
  • the cost of medical treatment (emergency room, hospitalizations, surgeries, office visits, prescriptions, transportation costs directly involved with medical treatments and other approved medical services)
  • certain rehabilitative services (occupational therapy, physical therapy and other approved services)

The old system could have awarded the injured worker compensation for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and other damages; however since the induction of the Worker’s Compensation Act, recovery is limited to these three areas no matter how serious the injury actually is.

A Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation attorney can help

Since the induction of the Workman’s Compensation Act in 1912, changes have occurred within the scope of the law. A Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation attorney is here to help the injured worker what they are entitled to!

Hiring a Lawyer in Jacksonville

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In this day and age, you never know when you will need a lawyer. Unlike other kinds of professional services, do-it-yourself lawyering is simply not possible. The complexities of the law, especially litigation, require the skills, training and expertise of seasoned attorneys. In case you find yourself facing law problems, it is best to hire the best and the most trustworthy legal professionals who can help you.

Hiring an Expert

It is important to hire experienced lawyers who have the skill and the expertise to handle whatever legal concerns you are currently going through. Choose a law firm which can help you with your specific problems. Before you even visit their firm for an initial consultation, do your own online research. Look at their specializations and track records. It can be easily determined if they can help you simply by looking at the services they offer. Look at the attorneys who are representing the firm. Don’t get carried away by their confidence. Search for credentials. Respectable lawyers would usually have no problems with posting their credentials on the web. During the consultation, ask a lot of questions until you are satisfied. Don’t be afraid to walk away of you are not completely sure about making a choice yet. However, once you feel confident with a particular lawyer, don’t hesitate to sign a contract for their professional services.

Criminal Case Experts

Are you looking for legal help in Jacksonville, Florida? If you are, you might want to consider the law office of James Davis. James Davis is an expert Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer and his law firm has a group of criminal defense attorneys who might be able to help you with any kind of litigation cases. They also provide assistance for other legal cases like DUI, drugs and burglary. If you want lawyers who will work on defending you, get in touch with The Law Office of James Davis.

Mr. Davis is committed to helping his clients achieve justice by providing expert legal assistance in the Jacksonville area. He is a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer, but he also specializes in other services. Since the year 1999, he has been handling cases on drug offenses, robberies, and sexual offenses. He has successfully defended thousand of clients from different backgrounds. If you are looking for criminal defense attorneys, look up The Law Office of James Davis.

DUI cases

Are you looking for a Jacksonville DUI Lawyer? DUI is not a minor case. In Florida, it is a serious offense which carries fees and penalties. A DUI case will go straight to your record, and it will significantly affect your professional and personal life. If you want to defend yourself against what could be a very serious offense, hire a DUI Jacksonville lawyer who can help you.

If you are arrested for DUI, allow Mr. Davis to help you. Mr. Davis is an experienced DUI lawyer Jacksonville. He has a very meticulous way of questioning arresting officers. His years of experience in the field have given him the confidence to deal with police officers and prosecutors. Mr. Davis is very detail-oriented, and if at any point of the hearing there is an inconsistency of facts, he will skillfully impeach the credibility of the arresting officer to help you win the case.

Hiring a good DUI attorney Jacksonville can make a significant impact to your future. Mr. Davis can help you maintain a clean personal and professional record. If you know that you should not be arrested and penalized, hire a credible Jacksonville DUI Lawyer now.

Criminal Cases

When you are involved in a criminal case, it is extremely important to hire a good criminal defense attorney who can help protect your rights. A good Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer is necessary if you don’t want to spend time in jail. Mr. Davis is experienced in the various fields of criminal law. He can provide his expert guidance for cases involving burglary, drug possession, weapons charges, sexual crimes and DUI. Mr. Davis will help you gather evidence and comprehend the legal theories that directly apply to your case. If you need legal help, get in touch with up The Law Office of James Davis.

Good Things to Know Before Hiring an Attorney

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If you’ve never had to enlist the assistance of legal counsel before, you probably have numerous questions about how to find the right one and create a successful working relationship. Your lawyer will be responsible for guiding you through what can be a very stressful experience, so you need to make sure you select one that’s suitable for your needs. Just as you would with any new professional service you’re getting ready to hire, there are several things to become aware of before choosing an attorney.

Not Every Case Requires Legal Help

It’s not uncommon these days for people with the slightest injury, discrepancy in the workplace or other minor situation to automatically look for the help of a lawyer to settle the dispute. However, these are concerns that can often be handled without counsel. The legal system is intended to deal with more serious matters that include things like severe personal injuries or property damage, criminal or civil suits, wrongful death, divorce, etc.

hiring an attorneyAll Attorneys Aren’t the Same

Attorneys are typically more knowledgeable and experienced in one or two specific areas of the law. This means that it’s important not to hire just any attorney you see advertised or even that’s referred to you. The one you select should practice the same type of law that is relevant to your case and have a proven track record that shows they will be able to successfully negotiate on your behalf or effectively represent you in court if it comes to that.

A Consultation Doesn’t Mean You’re Committed

Many lawyers will offer consultations free of charge with no obligation to commit to their services. This is a good chance to see if you actually have a case, discover what your rights are, find out what kind of payments you will be expected to make, and ultimately, if you and the attorney are the right fit for each other. You should take this opportunity to ask as many questions as you can think of before you end up deciding on a lawyer to work with.

You Have the Ability to Check an Attorney’s Background

It isn’t necessary or recommended to get into a contract with an attorney without looking into their background. You have the ability to find out exactly what kind of lawyer you’re signing up with because you have the right to check with the state bar association for any documented complaints or unethical behavior associated with the legal counsel you’re considering hiring. It’s good to be aware of any red flags from the beginning.

Not All Attorneys Will Make You Pay Up Front

Of course, you should expect to pay a fee for legal services, but there are attorneys out there that will work with clients on a contingency basis. This means that they will only collect a fee if they win your case. Contingency fees are usually associated with civil cases where clients may receive a monetary award and give their lawyer an agreed upon percentage.

You Aren’t Obligated to Keep an Attorney You Aren’t Happy With

Because your attorney is working for you, you are free to terminate them at any time if you are unhappy with the services they have provided you or you come to the realization that you don’t work well together. You aren’t obligated to stay with one attorney, however, the terms of the contract should be clearly outlined and understood prior to entering into an agreement because some lawyers make a stipulation that they still get paid even if they no longer work for a client.

Knowing what you should expect from an attorney will help ensure you retain the services of someone you can count on and help give you peace of mind throughout the duration of your claims process and/or court proceedings.

Avoid Having to Get SR-22 Insurance – Driving Safety Tips

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Driving is an everyday task that most of us don’t think too much about. Over time, we develop driving habits that consistently get us from point A to point B, but that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily driving as safely as we could or should be. Even with all of the improvements that have been made to vehicles and roadways compared to several years ago, car accidents remain a huge problem because of dangerous driving.

In many states, having your license suspended, getting labeled a high risk driver and being required to obtain SR-22 insurance is a serious penalty that comes as a result of unsafe driving. Avoid this, and the possibility of more severe consequences, by following these driving safety tips at all times.

Obey the Laws of the Land

This may sound basic enough, and yet, people still seem to have a hard time not speeding, wearing their seatbelt, staying off the phone, using their blinker and not tailgating. These laws are put into place specifically to keep everyone on the road safe and unharmed – not to restrict your sense of freedom as you cruise along. Even if you feel like you have the potential to handle all these things, remember that you aren’t invincible and it could easily catch up with you one day.


Always Practice Defensive Driving

You may believe yourself to be the best driver in the world, but unfortunately, all too often really good drivers still find themselves involved in accidents because of the negligence of someone else. Having control of your own vehicle simply isn’t enough. You must also be aware of your surroundings and the other drivers you’re sharing the road with at all times so that you are able to plan ahead and react swiftly to prevent danger from heading your way.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Again, this is basic driving knowledge but people still decide at times that this law doesn’t apply to them. There are so many impairments that come with drinking alcohol and so many options available aside from getting behind the wheel after even just one or two drinks – call a friend, call a cab, put on your walking shoes, but don’t drive yourself. Besides the jeopardy you’re putting your life and the lives of others in, being cited for a DUI frequently leads to the inconvenience and high cost of a license suspension and SR-22 insurance.

Pull Over if You’re Sleepy

Many people don’t realize that driving sleepy is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Weary eyes and a tired brain have no business being on the road because in an instant you could be drifting into another lane or off the road completely. It’s always best to pull over or surrender the driver’s seat to someone else.

Never Allow Your Insurance to Lapse

Driving uninsured or underinsured is also risky. If you happen to get into an accident that is your fault and aren’t properly insured, you will likely end up being obligated to pay the other party’s medical bills, lost wages, property damages and pain and suffering. All of this will amount to much more than if you had simply carried the appropriate liability coverage that all drivers are required to have. Before you will be able to regain your driving privileges, chances are, you will have to prove financial responsibility moving forward with SR-22 insurance.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Keeping your vehicle in good, driveable condition can make a big difference in the safety of your driving. Routine maintenance inspections will let you know if there is anything you should be concerned about so that you can have it repaired right away. Problems that go neglected can easily lead to a crash.

Driving is a privilege that we all have to take very seriously. Not doing so is sure to eventually result in penalties, whether it’s a ticket, license suspension, SR-22 insurance or a car accident. It’s critical to have these tips in the back of your mind every time you get out on the open road.

Law Firm Uses Tech Gadget To Help Its Clients

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We often hear how various businesses use the newest technology to improve their methodology, work processes or give a completely new look to their business. Some of the applied solutions are quite innovative and they do not have a clear connection to the business that’s using them. One of the examples is related to a Google’s new computer and a personal injury law firm.

A personal computer installed on wearable glasses, called Google Glass, is what Fennemore Craig is now using an a very innovative, interesting way. This personal injury law firm bought several Google Glass computer and loaned them to a couple of their clients. The idea behind their Glass Action program is to help these clients video their every day lives after they had an injury. It’s a very useful and practical way to enable clients document their daily lives, capture interesting moments and communicate with others. And since these wearable glasses have a Wi-Fi connection, client can easily communicate with others.

This interesting pilot program is a great idea that helps personal injury victims and makes a lot of things possible for personal injury lawyers at http://www.lambergoodnow.com/. But Fennemore Craig believes they just scratched the surface with their pilot program and that Google Glass can do a lot more for their business and improve their practice in many different ways.

Their next step is to use these glasses in mock trials. Jurors will wear Google Glass while being on trial simulations. It will help lawyers find out what grabs jurors attention. While it may not be easy to read all the data and analyze the information gained from the mock trials, it will still help this law firm with their business. And it is quite possible that the legal process will change due to tech gadgets like Glass.

Protecting The Innocent!

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I might be dating myself a bit here, but my favorite movie back in the day was RoboCop. As silly as it may sound, my favorite line was “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!”

It is a disturbing sentence by itself – especially if you have never seen the movie and don’t know what I am referring to.

Another line by RoboCop I used to like was when he would recite his prime directives, which were: Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law.

I had to think of that second directive just this last week when I read how a Toronto woman – one of the original founders of a nation wide breast cancer fundraiser organization – was busted for taking advantage of an old handicapped lady and robbing her of millions of dollars.


Apparently the victim was in her mid nineties and had been struggling for many years with Alzheimer – which basically erased all her short and long term memory.

The thief – who was known in her community as a very respected woman due to her being one of the original founders of her non-for-profit organizations – got creative and received power of attorney over this old lady’s finances and used it to withdraw huge sums of money to fund her extravagant lifestyle.

Not only did she buy herself a two-hundred-thousand dollar Bentley automobile, but also used the money to buy herself a 1.2 million dollar villa somewhere warm to which she made some outrageously expensive private flights to.

When I read the article in the newspaper, I could not help but feel angry. How could she have stooped so low and take advantage of a helpless old lady like that? That is just sad and downright pathetic – but I guess that is the reality of the world we live in.

I thank God for the man and women in blue who make it a habit of protecting the innocent – the weak and the feeble in this country - especially when no-one else is!