Choose The Right Criminal Defense Lawyers

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When you are under an investigation or charged for something, the first step you need to take is to find a criminal defense lawyer. You shouldn’t waste your time on anything else because you need to prove you are innocent. And since our legal system is based on “innocent until proven guilty”, your lawyer will play the most important role in your case. An experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer will take care of all the details and create a formidable defense for you. But, how do you find the right lawyer?

Going through Yellow Pages is quite disheartening as there are too many options there. You would lose days and weeks if you would call all the lawyers in Yellow Pages. Not to mention how much time you would lose if you wanted to meet them for a consult. What you need is several good pointers so you know what to look for.

criminal defense lawyersLook For Experience

You have no idea what your options are because you don’t know the law and you don’t have any experience concerning legal matters. Lawyers know law, but only experienced criminal defense lawyers can tell you what’s about to happen and what chances you have. Will you go for a plea bargain, a trial or a deferred action? Only experienced lawyers can tell you that and only they are able to put you at ease and make the entire ordeal a whole lot comfortable.

A Plan

Ask as many questions as you can to figure out what kind of plan your lawyer is going to use. Will there be a trial or negotiation will settle the whole thing. What’s happening with the motions? You have the right to know all this and a good lawyer will help you out as much as he/she can.

Consider The Fee

I always say that it’s best to hire a legal representative. While many public defenders do a great job, you can’t rely on your chances of getting a good public defender. Also, it your selected defender is swamped with cases, he/she won’t be able to do as much for you. It’s best to hire Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers so your case can get all the attention it needs. There’s no better way to invest in your future and you should think about the quality first. Fee is a less important factor here.

Assault and Battery – Criminal Defense Attorney Options

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If you get arrested on charges of Assault and Battery (A&B), the first thing you should do is call a top-notch Massachusetts criminal lawyer. The penalties that come with a conviction of Assault and Battery are serious. According to Chapter 265 of the Massachusetts General Laws, anyone convicted of these charges can be jailed up to 5 years or fined up to $5,000, depending on the seriousness of the offense and the Defendant’s probation record.

Read on for information about the legal definition of Assault and Battery and for possible defenses that I can use.

An Assault is a threat of bodily harm without physical contact, while a Battery is used to define physical contact with another without his or her consent, however slight. In fact, an individual can be charged with Assault and Battery even if he or she does not cause actual physical harm to the other party. Though the charge of Assault and Battery is classified as a misdemeanor, other related charges, can be filed as felonies. For example, Aggravated Assault and Battery, Assault with Intent to Rob or Murder, Assault and Battery upon a Child, Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon (ABDW) and Indecent Assault and Battery are all felonies and carry harsher penalties.

However, there are many legal defenses that I can use to defend you. Here are just a few:

  • Self-Defense: I can argue that you were afraid that grave bodily harm would come to you or that you had been attacked first. However, the Self-Defense must have been reasonable, and in proportion to the perceived threat. Nonetheless, once I raise the issue of Self-Defense, the burden is on the State to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was not Self-Defense.

  • Accord & Satisfaction and Fifth Amendment: If the other party wants the charges against you dropped, I can have him/her sign an Accord & Satisfaction or file a Motion to Exercise his/her Fifth Amendments Rights, if appropriate.

  • Pre-Trial Diversion: If you are between the ages of 17-21 and this is a first offense, I can file a Motion for a Pre-Trial Diversion to protect your probation record.

The crime of Assault and Battery carries harsh penalties if an individual is found guilty, including serious jail time. If these charges are brought against you or a loved one, my firm, Elliot Savitz Law, and I can increase the chances of getting your case dismissed or the sentence reduced. I have personally represented many clients who were charged with Assault and Battery. My experience in the courtroom will prove invaluable as we fight together against your charges. Call me today at (781) 326-2700 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Things To Know When Making A Compensation Claim

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We all know that accidents happen anytime and anywhere. This is why so many people choose insurance plans that cover them in case something happens. On the other side, workers have good benefits since it is possible for them to get compensation claim from their place of work. But, they should be aware of those compensation plans that will actually cover their medical and financial needs. If you are thinking about this issue and want to stay covered or if you are a victim of personal injury, read on.

compensation claimHere are several things to keep in mind when making a compensation claim:

Determine The Amount

It is important that you know what is the amount of your claim because you will have to take care of various expenses. Besides medical expenses, you want your claim to cover for your lost wages if you happen to be unable to work. This is why you have to make sure you get a detailed report on all your injuries, it will make your legal processes a lot easier.

Time Limit Is Crucial

You have to file for a claim as soon as possible because there is a time limit. This is why you need to know the time limit, you want to have enough time to complete the paperwork and documentation in order to get the compensation.

Find Legal Help

Legal processes are complicated, stressful and they can take a lot of time. In order to get the best compensation possible, you should seek legal help from Michigan personal injury attorney Sam Meklir. When you have an experienced lawyer standing by your side, you will be able to win your compensation claims and win them quick. Make sure to contact an attorney as soon as you can as this will considerably affect your case and will allow your attorney to raise the amount of compensation you can get.


Divorce Lawyers in Richmond Hill: How to Find a Perfect One

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If you’re someone who is searching for divorce lawyers in Richmond Hill, then you may want to read this post. Richmond Hill has some of they top family and divorce lawyers in the nation. This is simply because this state has one of the toughest BAR exams. People who take the test for the first time have a 21% pass rate, which is the lowest in the nation. This isn’t because they aren’t smart, it’s because it’s incredibly challenging. This is important to mention because divorce law can be very complex and so can the actors within it.

As you probably understand, divorce proceedings can often be some of the worst of all. This is why is absolutely critical that you have an attorney who you can trust and know will get you the resolutions you’re looking for. But how do you go about finding such a lawyer?

Divorce AttorneysRecommendations seem to always wield the best results. Try to reach out to people who have been through a divorce and find out what lawyer they used. If this person was successful in their divorce proceedings, then it’s more than likely that they recommend whatever attorney helped them. Recommendations are the best because you pretty much can eliminate the preliminary steps that you would normally need to go through.

If you can’t find recommendations, you’re next step is to use the Yellow Pages or Google. I would go with Google because of its simplicity and the fact that many lawyers are no longer even advertising on phone books. Search all kinds of different strings like “divorce attorneys in Richmond Hill” or “divorce law in Richmond Hill” and you will come with a ton of results.

Your best bet, is to try to get a free consultation with the candidates you have settled on. This is the best to see if your mindset is on the same level as the attorney. You want to be with a lawyer who you can get along with because you are going to be working with this individual for quite some time. So, make sure you do your due-diligence and don’t make a quick decision. Follow these steps and you should have no problem finding a competent, trustworthy, and reliable divorce attorney in Richmond Hill.

How Can A Good Bankruptcy Lawyer Help You

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Considering bankruptcy laws are very complicated, it’s only natural that the average person can’t understand them. And as the new laws are being put into action, bankruptcy is even harder to understand. It’s perfectly understandable why so many people hire a bankruptcy lawyer when they want to file for bankruptcy. That’s a sensible thing to do and you should consider doing the same thing if you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy.

bankruptcy lawyerA bankruptcy lawyer will help you with the entire process you have to go through, starting from choosing the right bankruptcy chapter. But there’s one thing you need to pay attention to when choosing the right lawyer – make sure he/she is familiar with the laws of the state you live in. Every state has its own bankruptcy laws and this is why you want to hire a local lawyer. He/she needs to have a license to work in the state you live in. Of course, it’s always a plus if you choose an experienced, reliable lawyer.

It’s best that you consult with the person you want to hire so you can see how comfortable you feel working with him/her. You will also find out how confident and capable your new lawyer is. These are important details as bankruptcy is a very challenging thing to go through, it’s something that changes your life and makes you very emotional. So you need someone who knows what kind of difficulties you are having and what you need to hear to feel more comfortable. To get a feel for your new bankruptcy lawyer, you need to do one thing only – set up an interview. You first choice could be Broomfield bankruptcy lawyers as they are well versed with the local laws, are licensed, experienced and know exactly what you need. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like so you can feel as comfortable as possible.
BankruptcyI would also suggest that you avoid choosing a lawyer at the last moment. Make the call now and see what kind of options and solution your new lawyer is offering. If you wait for too long, you may end up being in more trouble. And you could ruin your chances of getting out of this without too much bruises. No matter what you think, you need help from an experienced, knowledgeable person. Without a legal representative, you will lose more money and stress out even more.

How To Become a Court Reporter In Florida

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A few months ago my wife lost her job. She was working for a big corporation whose profits were dwindling. They had decided like most corporations do to cut expenses and let staff go.

This is always the easy way out instead of trying to grow profits and sales. She was stunned, as she had worked for the company for over 10 years. But that stuff doesn’t matter as you are looked at like a number and not a person.

Her severance package was good but she was getting bored sitting around looking for work. She was overqualified for many of the jobs she applied for and thus wasn’t having much luck.

She then started to think about going back to school. But many of the programs and careers she could get into would take 4 + years.

Then came a very different career path during a conversation with a friend. Her friend mentioned that she met a lady who worked for a West Palm Beach court reporting agency.

This lady had mentioned that Florida as a state was third in terms of how many court reporters is employed. Florida also ranks 5th in the nation for most jobs for court reporters in urban areas like Miami, Orlando and Tampa Bay.

court reporterThe beautiful thing about becoming a court reporter is that there is no state issues license to practice. Although there is no mandatory certification in Florida, these steps should be taken to become a court reporter like my wife.

#1 – Complete a Formal Court Reporter Program

There are some programs that can take only two years. There are many things one must learn to become a West Palm Beach court reporter. Classes in communication and writing along with the foundations of law and medical terminology are required before you step foot into a court room.

# 2 – Pass The Florida Professional Reporters Certification

Taking a court reporting program will prepare you to pass certification test. The Florida Court Reporters Association runs the certification.

# 3 – Maintain Your Florida Certification

Once you have become certified you will still have to complete three continuing education units to maintain the FPR certification. This ensures you are focused on growing your skill set to become the best court reporter you can be.

It will take my wife sometime but she’ll be walking into a career that has plenty of job security. People will always be going to court. Once there, a court reporter will be needed to record the events.

So if you are looking for a career change or just lost a job, looking into becoming a court reporter in the great state of Florida.

How To Select a Qualified Legal Practitioner in Australia

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Whether you are charged for a crime, or charged by a legal practitioner over a property issue, they are both similar in most respects. The right decision would be to choose a professional attorney in your city. A good attorney will do his/her best all the charges that were labeled against you. Thus it is indeed very important to consult with a good lawyer who is prepared to fight for you smartly and win the case for you.

justiceThe Following are some tips which can assist you to pick out a perfect attorney in Australia.

  1. The very first thing that you’ve got to try and do is to go looking for an honest attorney. By doing this you may retain confidence in yourself and no issue will prevent you from going into the dread mode for concern that one thing goes wrong.

  2. Opt for a professional Australian agency includes a smart understanding of law that is prevailing within the state. The person ought to be understandable and will know each loop holes of the case. If you fail to pick out a right counsel then you simply would end up in black mark list.

  3. Supposed you are charged for committing specific crime then choose a professional lawyer Australia agency is skilled in the field. Intrinsically persons are going to be knowledgeable and consultants in handling cases that area unit relevant to it field. for instance if you\’re charged beneath the crime of stealing then appoint a law one who is well verse in handling stealing connected cases and not the one who has no information of the case and also the prevailing law itself. However such person’s are going to be consultants in another field of lawsuits.

  4. Before selecting an Australian professional person, make an inquiry about their qualifications. Make sure that they are related to the vital bodies of the issue at hand.

  5. It is not necessary that you simply stick to the primary law whom you have met. Inspect for alternative law persons and ascertain the individuality by comparing the services of 1 person with the services of the alternative person.

  6. Check the determination of that professional person Australian agency willing to handle the case.

  7. Bring up their service charges because it is one in all the foremost details of the agreement. Before hiring an Australian professional Lawyer, discuss their fee with them and confirm to avoid a raise concerning further service charges, if any.

  8. At the time of hiring the services of professional, make sure that you have a written contract or agreement with them and make sure that you have a guarantee that they will deliver the service as required of them.

These are the major things you should look into before going for an attorney to make sure that you are properly represented in the Court of Law, no matter what the cause of conflict may be.

For More information on criminal law solicitors in Adelaide, visit

What An Experienced Accident Lawyer Can Do For You?

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When you or your family member become a victim of  an accident, you will want a good lawyer to stand by your side. But, it’s not so easy to find a reliable and knowledgeable lawyer these days.  And we have to admit that your financial situation can drastically influence your decision when it comes to choosing a legal representative. But you won’t have to spend a fortune to have the best lawyer for your case. You just need to be aware of the benefits some law firms can provide you with and you will be able to get a good representative and save money.

The truth is, not every law firm will offer you benefits and perks, some won’t offer any of them. This is why it is so important to do some research and find the perfect lawyer. And once you’ve been in an accident, you can hardly deal with all consequences of the accident by yourself.  The amount of stress you have certainly impairs your decisions so it is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

attorneyFree Information Is Key

The first thing you need to make sure of is to get a free advice. Not all firms will give you this, so you will automatically be avoiding those. And considering that information is what builds a strong case, lawyer who can provide you with free information is the best way to get your claim resolved successfully. When you have useful, free information from a good lawyer, you can figure out what your next step should be.

Experience Counts

Another thing you should pay attention to are law firms with experience. No one wants a lawyer who just got out of law school or the one who never dealt with certain type of case. What everyone wants is an experienced lawyer, which is understandable since only then a maximum compensation can be expected. What you can do is to use Internet and find law firms who dealt with the type of cases you are dealing with, see how many of them they won and lost and even check out the client’s feedback. This is a great way to reach a decision when it comes to choosing the best lawyer.

And Finally

The last thing you need to have in mind is to find a local lawyer. For example, if you’ve been involved in an accident in the Paterson, NJ it’s best that you contact a Paterson lawyer. He/she will be familiar with the local laws, will understand the local judiciary system and well be able to build a strong case in a quick manner. Many people make a mistake and call a lawyer that is not specialized in accident cases or is not practicing in the area they had an accident in. Remember to make a smart mmove and contact a local law firm, it’s the best step you can make to get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Things To Remember When Choosing A Lawyer

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Whether you are going through a lawsuit or needing legal counsel related to family or traffic law, finding a suitable lawyer is essential. Here are some things you should think about before you contact someone and before you make any decision:

1. Why do you need a lawyer?
Knowing the purpose of hiring a lawyer is the first step in finding one that could suit your needs. Lawyers vary in fields of expertise, years of experience, number of cases won, etc. Of course, you would want a lawyer who focuses on the specific area that you need help with and one that has enough credibility too.

hire_lawyer-475x2002. How much are you willing to shell out?
This would really matter unless you are a gazillionnaire. Lawyer’s fees vary depending on the amount of services to be rendered, if the lawyer is with a firm or independent practitioner and even the level of skill your lawyer of choice has.

3. How long will you need a lawyer?
This is also related to the fees you need to pay and the accessibility of your lawyer of choice. Select a lawyer who will put enough time and effort to carefully study your legal predicament.

There are many lawyers and law firms in Auckland but not all of them are right for you. Your case may require special attention and it’s your duty to choose someone who specializes in the area of the law your case is related to. Someone who has a lot of experience with car accident cases will not be a good choice for a complicated divorce case. Also, if you are facing a traffic charge, you shouldn’t go to a corporate lawyer. Choose the one that had the experienced in the field your case is related to, that’s the most important thing you can do. And the rest will be up to the lawyer you chose, you won’t have to do anything else from that point.

Taxes And Tax Liens In Bankruptcy

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Part of my practice as a Maryland bankruptcy lawyer often deals with assisting debtor deal with tax debt problems. Tax debt falls in two categories for bankruptcy purposes. The first is priority tax debt and second would be non-priority general unsecured tax debt.

Priority tax debt is non dischargeable and therefore has to be paid one way or another. Priority tax debt refers to taxes due in the past three years or a tax obligation created as a result of failure to file.

To be dischargeable, the tax debt must be from a year which the tax return was filed in a timely fashion and that taxes were due three years prior to the bankruptcy filing. Example would be if you are considering filing in 2014 then you can discharge tax debt from 2010 assuming the tax return for that year was file on or before April 15, 2011 or whatever the official deadline was for 2011.

A chapter 7 will discharge the non-priority tax debt just like it were a credit card or other general unsecured debt.

For your non-dischargeable debt a debtor has the choice between dealing with the debt in bankruptcy outside
Taxes And Tax Liens In Bankruptcy

In some instances, the Internal Revenue Service may have advanced its collection efforts to the pint of filing a federal tax lien. The filing of a lien raises the stakes for the debtor involved. For example, with dischargeable debt the personal obligation is wiped away but the federal tax lien survives the bankruptcy. This means that while the IRS may no longer be able to garnish your wages the lien continues to attach to everything you own including your personal property.

Therefore, if you have real estate for example, the lien would remain on your property. This means that you cannot refinance or transfer the property without resolving the lien. On the other hand, ff you do not have anything of value such as real estate then you may not care that the lien attaches to your clothes or old computer. After all it is likely the IRS will come to auction off your personal property. You can afford to wait for the lien to expire 10 years.

The one concern obviously would be if you intend to make a big purchase anytime before the expiration of those ten years then you may want resolve the lien to access credit.

A chapter 13 can be useful to property owners and those with non-dischargeable tax debt in paying the debt in a more affordable way. Offers in Compromise with the tax authorities may require a significant down payment in addition to a high monthly payment to settle tax debt. Contrast that with a chapter 13 plan based on your disposable income that allows you to pay off the debt in up to 5 years. Given the choice most of my clients would chose the latter because they are living pay check to pay check as it is.

A chapter 13 plan would allow you to pay off the tax lien or non-dischargeable debt based on what you have after taking into account your allowable expenses and debt payments for things like mortgages and car payments. Therefore, instead of the IRS demanding $500.00 per month, you tell the IRS what you can afford to pay based on the means test. You can stop the hefty garnishment from the IRS to give yourself a little more breathing room.

If you are struggling with tax debt or haven’t file for the last couple of years know that bankruptcy can offer you a way forward. A chapter 7 bankruptcy will get rid of tax debt that is older than three years. A chapter 13 can buy the time to pay off tax liens and non-dischargeable debt in a more affordable manner by stretching the payments to five years.

This is a brief overview of complex area of the law. Please consult bankruptcy lawyers md to discuss your specific situation.