Truck Accident Lawyers Who Will Represent You From Start To Finish

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There is no reason to be afraid to go to court in order to receive representation if you were in a truck accident. Many truckers feel a bit worried about getting due justice as they think that judges and courtrooms will find either your company or another party at fault innocent in injuring you. The truth of the matter is truckers work insane hours and are not properly compensated for their time and effort. This makes you feel fatigued and when you get into an accident people are quick to play that card, yet if you have a good track record and are not at fault there is no reason you should be afraid.

Think about the circumstances surrounding your accident. Share everything that you remember from the incident with our representatives and we will do everything in our power to ensure you are protected. Standing up for yourself is important as you will earn a great deal of respect and gain your due justice. What is great is that St. Louis truck accident lawyers make sure you are comfortable with the type of representation you are receiving from start to finish.

There is no reason as to why you should be afraid of the representation fee. Truck accident lawyers actually charge a fair price and if you are fighting to receive compensation you can workout a good deal. It is a good idea to make sure you contact reliable lawyers regarding all aspects of your case so that they can flesh out all the details right away. Once you go over all those details with the lawyers, it is easy to figure out how to proceed and properly represent you and help you win your case.

No one likes an accident and they are never intentional, this is why they are called accidents. At the same time if you are not at fault you should not be held accountable or pay for something that you had no control over. The person or entity who is at fault is who you should hold accountable. Remember this and make sure that you give us a call at your earliest convenience if you are interested in learning more about what we can do to represent you. Trust in us and we will please you from star to finish.

Burn Injury 101: Quick Facts on Scalds and Burns and How You can Claim Compensation

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Injuries are not that common in the workplace, but when they do happen, it is best to know what you are up against. Scalds and burns, whilst rare, can occur if you are in the workplace and are handling liquids that are hot or are exposed to work surfaces that are hot (such as in kitchens). You may also incur scalds and burns if you are exposed to chemicals which are corrosive or if you are handling electrical wiring or equipment which is defective or unsafe.

What you need to know about scalds and burns

The severity of a scald or burn can range from mild to extremely painful and severe, and even a minor scald or burn can cause pain for some time. More severe burns can even result in damage to nerves, tendons, muscles, or ligaments, as well as permanent scars. If a burn is serious, it can also reduce your mobility and cause psychological and emotional stress and torment.

W e often associate scalds and burns with extreme heat – but sometimes, they can also be the result of too much cold, chemicals, electricity, friction, or sunlight. If you have suffered from a burn or scald injury at work, then you can be fully entitled to make a claim for compensation.

The classification of scalds and burns

Scalds and burns are classified according to their degree of severity: first, second, third, etc. which are the most common. There are also fourth, fifth and sixth-degree burns, but these are often already fatal.

For a first-degree burn, the skin may have a reddish appearance and may also be painful, but to a minor degree. A first-degree burn should not take too long to heal, but this also depends on the size or body part affected. First-degree burns generally cause no blistering as only the skin’s top layer is damaged. Second-degree burns, on the other hand, can cause more pain than first-degree burns, and the skin will appear to be a brighter and shinier shade of red. There may also be some blistering, which can result in infections once the blister has burst. If a second-degree burn affects more than ten percent of the victim’s body, they are at risk of going into shock. Third-degree burns are the most severe, and the skin will often be burned off. Nerves and muscles may also be damaged, and death from a third-degree burn can occur if the area of the burn is large. A third-degree burn will definitely take some time before it heals completely and scarring is also inevitable to the extent that a skin graft may be needed.

A burn accident in the workplace: your employer’s responsibilities

If you have incurred a scald or burn in the workplace, it is your employer’s first duty to keep you and your co-workers safe. In fact, the employer is responsible for reducing the risk of scalds and burns whenever necessary, but if there is a risk, the employer is also responsible for providing you with the right clothing. You should also be given the proper training on health and safety as well as training on the right procedures in order to avoid unsafe or dangerous working practices.

The employer is also under obligation to keep all tools, equipment, and machinery in good order and keep them well-maintained. The floor area and hallways should also be kept clear of debris and hazards.

In order to make an effective claim for burn injury compensation it is in your best interest to seek the advice and services of a solicitor, preferably one who is experienced with burn cases, such as Shires Law – learn more about their services at

Legal CRM Significantly Reduces Cost and Increase Profitability for Legal Professionals

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We are led by lawyers who do not understand either technology or balance sheets” Thomas Friedman

Legal digitalization or paper less law firm is dream for legal professionals. Data structuring and data gathering is a daily task, legal professionals drive hard to survive and reach the peak of growing economy. Legal CRM is designed with main objective to associate relevant client data in structured manner and benefits legal professional to achieve highest level of client satisfaction, generate recurring orders and more referrals business

CRM stands for Client Relationship Management that combines people, processes and technology to help build and maintain strong customer relationships. Ultimate goal of CRM is customer satisfaction, if you have contented clientele; it’s likely to re-engage them in repeat business in some form.

Information access on fingertips helps serving clients better and provides means for gathering internal business intelligence. Legal CRM for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms will facilitate easy communication with current and future clients by enabling collaboration amongst team members and overall increases cross-functional department efficacy.

Significance of Legal CRM.

If lawyers can better manage client relationships and associated information, they’ll benefit from happier customers, repeat business, and referrals. Legal CRM Software is aimed for single goal; making lawyer’s hectic day easier so they shall focus on productive tasks that overall increases firms performance and profitability. On a single platform, entire staff and legal practitioners can effectively manage all their activities in web-based CRM designed only for Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms.

Having a dashboard view of current case load as well as ability to see historical information quickly can make big difference on productivity levels. It takes just a few keystrokes and a matter of drag and drop to continually keep your dashboard current and those few keystrokes shall result in an exponential amount of streamlining.

Legal CRM Elements

Besides the basics – like case management, contacts organizing, time entries, billing, invoices and activity scheduling; a good legal CRM should include additional modules such as intellectual property management, campaigns management, marketing automation and advanced reporting.

A customer portal and web interface along with mobile access for both lawyer and clients will be most powerful, integration with Outlook for emails and calendar for activity planning is a must. A manual legal CRM consist of papers in manilla folders in boxes on shelves in a large warehouse area. An automated system keeps all the information – plus more in a organized database on cloud or private server which is accessed anytime, anywhere.

Is there a system that offers everything mentioned?

Yes! A great Legal CRM that includes everything listed, plus a whole lot more is offered by FyNSiS Legal CRM – delivering everything a law firm needs to maintain and improve client relationship.

It’s a niche system designed to organize clients and cases in SuiteCRM to gain 360 degree clients view from anywhere, anytime. It automates internal communication and enhances firm productivity. SuiteCRM is built on opensource platforms (Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL) most widely used and proven technologies available today.

FyNSiS deliver nothing but ROI on every penny you spend on technology. If we don’t deliver promised results, we don’t get paid. Simple? Thats how life ought to be’

Get access to our Legal CRM and get hands on at no cost. Just submit your demo request:  

Advantages of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

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If you have suffered from an injury, personal injury attorneys can help you deal with insurance companies and ensure that you get fair treatment in settlement negotiations.

If you’re considering to hire personal injury lawyers, the following overview will aide you in making your decision easier.

There are a number of advantages to hiring an expert personal injury attorneys , like the law firm of Villarreal & Begum when you’ve been injured, especially when the injuries sustained are serious. See below for the advantages of hiring a personal injury lawyer and how they can help you deal with your claim.

Experience with Insurance Companies

As a common man, you don’t deal with insurance companies every day, but the lawyers do. They are aware of the process of reaching a settlement, and since they’ve dealt cases like yours, most personal injury law firms have a fair idea of the kind of settlement you can expect.

An attorney also knows how to negotiate with auto insurance companies so that you get the fairest settlement possible.


Good Knowledge of the Law

An experienced personal injury attorney is well aware of the particular laws that apply to your injury. Due to this, they may look out for other avenues for settlement that you may not be aware of.

Better Understanding of Injuries

Since lawyers specializing in personal injury cases deal with injuries frequently, an experienced attorney may be able to make recommendations for medical tests and care you should explore.

Furthermore, he will also understand the long-term effects that your injury will cause. This is very important in determining whether the settlement offer is a fair one or not.

Court Experience

Finally, if you are can’t reach a settlement with an insurance company, or in case the cost of the injuries exceeds the insured amount, a personal injury lawyer will then represent you in court.

This is vital if you have to sue in order to get full coverage of your medical expenses, pain and suffering.

How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

When it comes to choosing the right personal injury attorney to ensure that your case gets settled in a manner that is advantageous for you, here are a few pointers:

  • Look out for a lawyer who has experience as well as expertise. He should have a good record in settling personal injury cases. Some of the ways to find a good attorney who specializes in personal injury include:

    • Ask friends, family and associates.

    • Inquire with your state bar association.

    • Look up at a lawyer referral service.

  • In those states where lawyers are allowed to advertise, you may find one via an ad.

  • Interview more than one lawyer prior to zeroing in on the one that will represent you.

  • At your initial consultation itself, discuss about the fee and expenses

  • Follow your instinct and choose a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable discussing your case.

A good attorney like Alexander Begum would offer free consultation before taking up your case. Take this opportunity to discuss your case and understand what can be expected.

How Has Probation and Probation Violation Helped Contribute to Prison Overcrowding

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What Is Probation?

Probation is when an offender is ordered to follow certain conditions set forth by the court while under supervision. It is the most common sentence in the United States with over three million adult offenders on probation for felonies and misdemeanors. This can be used as a preventative measure where offenders can prove they aren’t dangerous to the community and don’t need to be incarcerated. Also, it’s a way for incarcerated individuals to show they are reformed and ready to be reintroduced into society.

Who Gets Probation?

Varying from one state to the next are statutory restrictions on what type of criminals can be placed on probation. Severe felonies like murder and rape may be completely precluded from probation, whereas a first time offender may be placed on probation without the court having to enter into a judgement of guilty. Ultimately the sentencing judge takes into account the criminal’s remorse, prior criminal history and the safety of the community when considering probation. Often times, if there is a prior history of criminal activity, the sentence may include both jail time, house arrest and a considerable amount of probation time. 

The Prison Overcrowding Problem

There are over two million people incarcerated at every level in America today. The concern is that the number of inmates are increasing and government budgets cannot afford to run more correctional facilities. Some of this prison overcrowding is the result of an overloaded judicial system. While scholars believe that the legal system needs to reassess sentencing policies, ensuring that only the highest risk offenders are incarcerated.

Probation Violation

Short-Term Fix to Prison Overcrowding

Many government officials have turned to probation as a format to ease prison overpopulation stress. Some states have adjusted their sentencing guidelines making it easier for inmates to get early release while others are setting forth standards for probation hearings to take into consideration the crime committed and the evidence available. The judiciary are also adjusting their rulings of offenders to incarcerate only high-risk offenders. However, even with these new implementations, prison overpopulation remains a real issue in the US as we incarcerate more people per capita than anywhere else in the world – much of this has to do with the fact that many of our prisons are for-profit and owned by non-governmental entities. 

Probation Can Help Prison Overcrowding

Probation violators are quickly penalized and sent or returned to jail. They don’t tend to commit more crime, rather they fail to comply with all of their court-mandated conditions. Some communities have found that the number of violators can be reduced if they increase their access to probation officers and offer more orientation meetings. This greatly reduces technical violations and has a positive effect on prison overcrowding.

Probation Needs Resources to Succeed as a Prison Deterrent

Probation may be a great short-term tactic to ease overpopulation of the prison system while government strategizes a long-term plan, but there is a strong need for legal reform if prison overcrowding is to be resolved. Almost five million Americans are currently on probation, increasing that number means increasing the number of caseworkers. If there aren’t enough resources available to probation officers, the institution of probation just becomes a costly revolving door of incarceration for American adults.

About the author: 

This article was composed by Jerome Eckerman.  Jerome is currently a law student at Barry University in Orlando, FL.  In his free time, Jerome enjoys contributing content to Conan & Herman, P.A. – Orlando’s premier criminal defense law office. 

If Hit by a Self-Driving Car, Who is Liable?

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Self-driven cars are quite new technology. So new, some people still don’t realise they even exist yet, believing them to be something that only really exists within the realms of science fiction. Nevertheless not only do such things exist, they’ve been proven to be highly reliable and exceedingly safe methods of transportation. However, like anything else they are not infallible and can still wind up in accidents. Such a thing raises an interesting question: if a computer is driving the car, then who exactly is liable for any damages caused?

A Lesson from the Past

Surprisingly enough, the idea of a car owner pleading in court that his car was responsible for an accident is by no means new. As far back as 1969, one car owner tried to claim that he wasn’t actually driving his car at the time of an accident he was involved in: his car was, after all, on cruise control. The ruling judge of the matter was unconvinced of the case. In his words, “A motorist who entrusts his to the control of an automatic device is no less responsible for its operation”.

The precedent this ruling sets suggests that, even if their car is being operated by some automatic system, a driver is still ultimately responsible for his car should it be involved in an accident. However at the same time it’s been nearly fifty years since that ruling has passed, and automatic devices have grown much more sophisticated since that case was settled. As such, many may ask the question as to whether that precedent should still stand.

Intelligent Cars, Responsible Drivers

At present, there are no hard numbers about the safety and reliability of self-driving cars, at least nothing that any sensible person would be willing to bet money on. What little we do have, is a report on their own Google Car project, which has currently clocked 1.7 million miles – 1 million of which was entirely driverless. During this time, Google reported only 7 crashes, all of which resulted in only minor damage and no injuries. They also reported that, in all accidents, the cause was human error on the part of other drivers, not the car itself.

At present there’s no real way to independently verify these claims – all documentation about the recorded accidents has so far not been released – so trying to figure out an exact outcome is going to involve a lot of guesswork and speculation. However, there are certain things we can use to help formulate an idea as to how a legal case involving a driverless car might play out.

Traditionally, responsibility is determined by the amount of control a given individual has over an object. So, to use an example, a shop owner’s control over the shelving in their store, how they’re stacked, and how often they’re maintained, means they have a lot of responsibility for them in the event that they fall onto a customer. However, a customer’s control over their own behaviour means that if they climb onto the shelves, their responsibility supersedes that of the store owner. In a driverless car, in which the human pilot can opt to turn over their control of driving over to the vehicle’s software, means that control is equally shared between man and machine. However, our desire for neat resolutions in our legal system do not allow for such ambiguous answers about shared responsibility. Ultimately, we need someone to blame.

Self-Driving Car

Manufacturer Liability

One way to settle the blame game is to consider the actions of the manufacturer instead. After all, they were the ones who designed the car and were supposed to take into account any sort of failsafe measures and safety features. If they’ve advertised a driverless car as being safe to use, only for it to be responsible for an accident, then they’ve essentially failed in their duties as a manufacturer. Just as a car that is found to have faulty brakes in its design can leave the company open to lawsuits, so can a company whose software leaves it incapable of responding adequately to an accident.

However, this isn’t very satisfactory. A software programmer can’t foresee every possible circumstance that may result in an accident. They can only programme a limited set of responses to unusual or potential dangerous stimuli, such as something suddenly darting out across the road. Plus, there’s still the matter that even if it’s self-drive, it’s not true to say it’s entirely driverless either.

Human Errors

Currently, it would seem that legal precedent places the majority of responsibility at the hands of the driver. This is well established not just in the cruise control case of 1969, but also in the legalities surrounding pilots and aircraft. Most commercial airliners actually spend the majority of their time under control of an autopilot, with human pilots simply there to handle landings and take-off, and to supervise the flight. However during accidents, it’s ultimately the human pilot who bears the brunt of the responsibility. Whether they were actively in control or not, they’re considered to be in ultimate control of the vehicle.

The same logic applies to self-driven cars. Even if the car is automated, the human driver is still perfectly capable of reasserting control of the situation and preventing an accident.

Alternatively, consider the actions of the second driver. Assuming that the test results about Google Driver are accurate, it would seem that in most instances the fault of the accident may lie with them. However, there is an alternative place on which to lay the blame. The manufacturers of the self-driving car in the first place.


There’s, unfortunately, no real to know for certain how a legal case will pan out should we find ourselves in a situation where a self-driven car is involved in an accident. This is very new technology, and the public and the courts are not quite sure yet how to respond to it. However, based on past legal cases of a similar nature, it seems safe to say that the driver will still bear at least some of liability.

As such, if ever you decide to acquire a computer-driven car yourself, don’t get complacent. You’re still responsible for your own safety, as you are the safety of those around you on the road.

If you are involved in this type of accident, you’ll need to seek legal action. Make sure that you find the right attorney to represent you. Finding the right representation is time consuming, but if you take advantage of the free consultations that most attorneys, like David Heil, offer, you will be able to know whether or not an attorney is right for you and your incident. 

About the author: 

Christian Mills is a family man and freelance writer who passionately enjoys sharing his tips for a healthy and safe lifestyle. He also contributes articles and insight into laws and regualtions, and what rights you as a person have.


Four Step Plan for an Effective Digital Estate Management

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Developing a digital estate plan will help you to organize your digital estate for an easy and efficient management. Personal estates, which consist of trusts, life insurance policies, will, the power of attorney, other any other property owned can be documented in paper for legal references. However, the modern society has digitized the documentation.

We live in times when the running of businesses and managing of finances is done online, yet many people have not centralized all these to facilitate an easier management process. Having proper digital estate management will help you your family to locate, access, and manage your online assets to determine the financial value of your assets. It is therefore necessary to view your online accounts or assets with the same regards as you offline assets; and here is how to great a solid plan to help your manage your digital estate.

Digital Estate Management

1)    Make a List of Your Assets
You need to make a list of all your digital assets, recording everything from your hardware, and financial data is hard and soft copies, online banking accounts, email accounts, and social media accounts. Review your inventory to make sure you have not left out anything. You will need to add include login details to any accounts that require authorized access.

2)    Know What to Do With the Assets
You need to outline clearly what you what done with your assets. Different digital assets have different management demands, and how you wish them to be handled after your demise should be expressed in the plan. Make sure you identify the various assets that you wish to have them dissolved, that that you wish to be kept running, and those that you want to be closed and archived for any number of reasons. For instance, you need to give a directive on how assets with monetary value should be handled; whether they should be transferred to certain persons, or pick someone who will continue to manage the assets, or if they assets should be liquidated and the money given to charity.

3)    Identify and Name Your Digital Executor
You need to have someone that you trust that you can task with the duty of carrying out your wishes on that should be done to your digital estate. The person you identify will be your digital executor but understand that the executor is not an enforceable or legally binding designation.

4)    Store the Information in a Secure Place
You will need to keep this information in a safe place. You can opt to give it to your attorney for safe keeping, or use online storage services. Alternatively, you can keep the information under lock and key in your safe or cabinet. Make sure that you talk with your attorney to make your plan a legally binding directive on the management of your digital estate.

Finding The Right Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce is sometimes the best alternative to a lousy marriage. Nevertheless, getting a divorce is not an easy job. The entire ordeal typically includes a great deal of legal intricacies relating to the custody of kids, building, alimony, child assistance, and other such problems. Letting a divorce lawyer deal with all the untidy concerns is typically the very best option for either party.

Divorce attorneys are legal representatives that handle family law. They are concentrated on all areas of family matters and can offer sound legal counsel. It is usual, in addition to safer, for both parties to make use of various divorce legal representatives to handle the procedures. The divorce lawyer need to supply exceptional recommendations relating to the divorce proceedings, and also other matters that may appear later.

Inspecting through the yellow pages will certainly produce quite a list of all the lawyers exercising household law. Nevertheless, the best type of divorce lawyers are frequently known by word of mouth. Checking out the Web is another option to search for a great divorce lawyer. Lots of websites help their consumers locate a great practicing family lawyer in a particular geographical location. Of course, finding a divorce attorney through the state bar association is always a readily available technique to those trying to find certified lawyers working for the government.

The lawyer you select need to be able to supply all the legal assistance that will certainly be involved in the divorce procedures. The existing number of cases that are being handled by the attorney will also matter. Legal representatives who are slowed down with work typically do not provide sufficient individual attention. Your attorney must have the ability to be gotten in touch with at all times, either in person, or by phone.

Another essential thing to think about prior to employing a divorce attorney is the fee. This might include the assessment, case-filing cost, and the approach in which the cost is most likely to be charged. Generally, there are ways a legal representative may charge. The first is a flat fee. The second is generally tallied at the end of the case on a per hour basis. A great lawyer needs to be ready to negotiate a from court settlement or litigations from the other celebrations. A signed composed contract between you and one of the St. Louis Divorce Lawyers is definitely the best method to seal a pact.

Key Pointers When Hiring A Truck Accident Lawyer

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Being entitled to a justified payment for the accidental injuries is the best solution to conquer the serious consequences of an accident. Filing an injury lawsuit in the court helps to get a legal verdict of the suffered damages. However, establishing the amount of compensation is a crucial job and for doing that, it is perfect to take professional assistance. Thus, as the ideal course of action, working with a reputed lawyer makes it possible for the injured person to deal with the court procedures in the methodical way.

Estimating the Amount Of Compensation

While estimating the compensation quantity, an experienced legal representative minutely examines all the costs and damages suffered by the victim. The key points here are:

– Medical Costs: This type of expenses primarily consists of the ambulance costs, doctor visits, hospital visits, cost of medications, in-home care services and many more.

– Pain and suffering: It consists of the physical and mental distress due to the injuries.

– Lost earnings: This includes any kind of lost work or incomes because of the accident and health-care consultations.

– Loss of earning capacity: It refers to the loss of ability to work in the future because of extended impairments suffered by the victim.

– Special damage: It covers all the financial losses due to event of the mishap.

The attorney information about every aspect of the case and depending upon the intensity and proceedings of the case. They offer appropriate legal counsel to the clients and inform them about the possible result of the case. Nevertheless, not all legal representatives have the same ability and knowledge and therefore, prior to hiring a legal representative it is beneficial to keep in mind specific important points.


The most critical point while employing a lawyer is to examine that whether the employed lawyer have specialized understanding in the particular type of work. Maintaining a legal representative who has pertinent experience in solving vital elements of truck accident cases is the best option to file an accident claim.


The employed attorney should have sound experience in dealing with injury claims connected to truck accident cases. Seek for St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyers who have an excellent track record in providing successful resolution to the victims of such cases.

Digital Estate Legacy Planning – Be Prepared

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Before you even start to make your plans and calculate all your assets and property, it would be more than useful to take some time and think about your digital legacy. In general, this term refers to all those “e-things”, like your internet accounts, social profiles, websites, blogs, YouTube channels, etc. As you already know, the majority of these items will be active after “owner’s” death, which is the reason why they can cause many unpleasant and unwanted situations. And this is something you definitely want to avoid. Because of all that, digital estate legacy planning is very important step to take care of and should be included in the priority list of all the people who are planning to make their “regular” estate plans.

digital estate planning

On the other hand, digital items cannot be a subject of classic testament and they cannot be considered as a part of someone’s property. Nobody actually owns internet domains or social profiles simply because we are just using them for a certain period. After someone’s death, the agreement between user and company (provider), who is the real owner, stops to be active. Of course, it is not because of the physical death of the user; it is primarily because decedents cannot pay their domains or because they cannot actively be engaged with particular platforms. In most cases, the majority of them will be switched off after a while. The problem might cause those platforms that can remain active years after user’s death.

Fortunately, you can prevent those things and avoid unpleasant surprises if you leave instructions to your executor about what he or she should do with digital legacy after your death. This is the reason why this person should be someone you can trust and who will do exactly what you specified in your will.

If we are talking about social profiles such as Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, you can tell your executor to notify all your friends about your death or to delete your account. It all depends on your wishes and desires. If you don’t do this, your profiles will be active for a long time, which can be really unpleasant both for your friends and your family.

When we are talking about e-mails, every company has strict rules about inactive accounts and they will all be deleted after a certain period. You can also instruct your executor to take care about your e-mails and to inform all your associates and friends about your death with some appropriate message.

If you do not want to disturb your friends with it, you can always hire specialized agencies or use online software to take care about your digital legacy.